We'll Keep Your Door on Track

With routine garage door maintenance in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA & Hauppauge, NY

Your garage door acts as a line of defense for your home and possessions. A broken garage door not only puts your home at risk, but it also leaves your car exposed to the weather.

Gallery Garage Doors provides garage door maintenance and repair services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA & Hauppauge, NY. We'll troubleshoot your problem and provide fast and long-lasting solutions. Whether you're having issues with your opener or need a simple spring replacement, trust Gallery Garage Doors with your garage door repair.

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Is your car stuck in the garage?

There are a lot of small parts and pieces that make up your garage door system. If any of those parts fail, your door may not go up or down. Gallery Garage Doors provides routine garage door maintenance to keep your system up to speed. Every 6-12 months, we'll come test and inspect your:

  • Opener - test the motor and all wall-mounted or remote openers
  • Tracks - replace wheels and repair issues with the tracks
  • Door - assess door and window integrity

Make sure your garage door always works when you need it. Join our garage door maintenance program today.